Woolstar TV Advertising

Our new TV Commercial was created for Wool Products Australia. The client wanted something unique to help build his brand. The commercial will run in regional Australia to start and is looking to be … [Read More]



When ever animation is mention everyone runs a mile and the price goes up. Lately I have been exploring the animation world. There … [Read More...]

How to get Free Publicity


How to get Free Publicity

Boost your Image – Boost your Profits. In this one day workshop Pat McGeown (Captain Pat) will show you how to get FREE … [Read More...]


Busking in Campbelltown

Jeff Tooth has been busking in Campbelltown for years.  Then late last year he was told to stop.  Jeff lives with a disability and … [Read More...]

claymore laundromat video

Claymore Laundromat

The Claymore Laundromat is a meeting place for many locals.  It is also a suburb with social housing and sadly some in the media … [Read More...]

One Day Workshop


Mind Maps

Mind Maps are a great tool for creativity. Adding this technique to your creative arsenal will cause change. Some have never … [Read More...]

Roxana Pourali

Roxana Pourali Celebrity Beauty

Roxana Pourali and her daughter have known hardship.  They fled Iran in the 80's and lived in India as refugees prior to be … [Read More...]


Mental Health Fundraiser

Beautiful Minds is a local organisation that fundraisers for mental health. The group is made up of volunteers who make big change … [Read More...]

One Day Workshop


Present Like a Professional

In this one day workshop Pat McGeown (Captain Pat) will introduce you to the basics on how to present in front of an audience. You … [Read More...]

sarah allen girl with funny talent

Sarah Allen – Girl with Funny Talent

Sarah Allen is a lovely kid with a brilliant talent. And not because her video has 55 million youtube hits. Sarah hails from … [Read More...]