Know Ideas – Showreel

Know Ideas creates ideas for business and personal communication - whether that be television, cinema, corporate video, social media, print or radio advertising. People remember ideas. They remember … [Read More]



When ever animation is mention everyone runs a mile and the price goes up. Lately I have been exploring the animation world. There … [Read More...]

How to get Free Publicity


How to get Free Publicity – Monday June 15th

Boost your Image – Boost your Profits. In this one day workshop Pat McGeown (Captain Pat) will show you how to get FREE … [Read More...]


Busking in Campbelltown

Jeff Tooth has been busking in Campbelltown for years.  Then late last year he was told to stop.  Jeff lives with a disability and … [Read More...]

claymore laundromat video

Claymore Laundromat

The Claymore Laundromat is a meeting place for many locals.  It is also a suburb with social housing and sadly some in the media … [Read More...]

One Day Workshop


Mind Maps

Mind Maps are a great tool for creativity. Adding this technique to your creative arsenal will cause change. Some have never … [Read More...]

Roxana Pourali

Roxana Pourali Celebrity Beauty

Roxana Pourali and her daughter have known hardship.  They fled Iran in the 80's and lived in India as refugees prior to be … [Read More...]


Mental Health Fundraiser

Beautiful Minds is a local organisation that fundraisers for mental health. The group is made up of volunteers who make big change … [Read More...]

One Day Workshop


Present Like a Professional

In this one day workshop Pat McGeown (Captain Pat) will introduce you to the basics on how to present in front of an audience. You … [Read More...]

sarah allen girl with funny talent

Sarah Allen – Girl with Funny Talent

Sarah Allen is a lovely kid with a brilliant talent. And not because her video has 55 million youtube hits. Sarah hails from … [Read More...]